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These process activities are great for helping the workshop to move forward in the direction you want. Use these activities to help create community, allow people to engage with their creativity, and start enabling empowerment.

If you have any of your own workshop activities that you would like to add then drop by our Facebook page and let us know. We’re always on the hunt for new ideas.


Group Quilt
To help youth create a visual representation of their experiences and to process what they have learned.

Power Shifts
Through this activity we learn how to handle others and ourselves in our relationships with awareness and sensitivity and empathy.

Power Flower
The Power Flower is a visual representation of social identity. In the first part of the workshop, participants will define elements of their own social identity within several, given categories. Then, they will assign positions of power to social identities in each category as represented in our society.

Non Dominant Hand Writing
This activity is about observation and it can help participants work through nervousness about drawing.

Two Up Two Down
This activity from Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theatre is an opportunity for participants to take a big creative risk. 

Sound Walk
This is a meditative listening activity that leads to a fun and silly sound circle.

This writing exercise helps participants write poetry without having to begin with a blank page.

Airport Exercise
Imagining the future can be challenging. This exercise helps to take big dreams and break them down into small steps.

Slow Turn
A very simple activity that can open up profound conversations about the world, personal awareness, awareness of time, patience, and focus.

World Chant Medley
This is a great chant to bring a group together and allow them to start exploring their music abilities.

Emeralds and Slugs
This is a great way to invite feedback about the workshop or the program you are working on in a fun and engaging way.

Dream Tree
This activity is a great way to help youth and adults think about their futures and set goals for themselves.

From our Network:

Gender Workshop: Write a Letter to Your Daughter
A great tool for gender workshops, this activity allows participants to think about the gender stereotypes they see every day.

Imagination Walk
To open up the imagination, foster a sense of play, engaging the imagination with physical expression and begin learning how to work privately in public.

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