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World Chant Medley
This is a great chant to bring a group together and allow them to start exploring their music abilities.

Sound Ball
A great way to introduce sound and music making to a group.

Clap Together
This activity helps the group to tune into each other through eye contact, rhythm and focus.

Junk Instruments
This is a great way to think about where there might be hidden resources in a community. It’s also a fantastic listening exercise.

Tone Train
A closing activity that allows expression without verbalization.

Sound Cloud
This is a quick and energetic closing activity.

Clapping Circle
Develop listening and communication skills and introduce the idea of the body rhythm.

Dance Circle
This activity is great for energizing a group and building the creative risk to allow everyone to take creative leadership.

From our Network:

Body Percussion (external website)
A library of body percussion rhythms.

Video Resources:

Making a Group Rhythm – a great way to start a workshop and bring people together:

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