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Icebreaker activities are great for introducing a group to each other for the first time and for setting the tone.

If you have any workshop activities of your own that you would like to add then drop by our Facebook page and let us know. We’re always on the hunt for new ideas and workshop activities.


Person Bingo
This exercise is great if you have a group that do not know each other. It will help them to discover their differences and similarities and you can find out some really fun things about each other.

Colorful Questions
When we meet someone, we are often hesitant to ask the questions that really matter when we meet someone new. This game helps to break the ice and to kick start community and empathy. Pick the questions carefully to ensure that some level of sharing is involved, but if the group is new to each other and to you don’t ask for too much too quickly.

Basic Name Games
These basic name games will help everyone to get to know each other.

Niki Tiki Tavi 
This is a quick and silly game that everyone seems to love.  It’s a great warm up activity.

Clap Together
This activity helps the group to tune into each other through eye contact, rhythm and focus.

3 Word Poems
This writing exercise is a quick and simple way to improvise poetry. Makes a great warm up before a longer activity.

Bear Fish Mosquito
This game is a fun way to practice negotiating, making decisions together, and teamwork. 

One of our favorite ways to break the ice and to encourage people to really see and hear each other.

Magic Word
A great energizing warm-up and a fun way to allow people to take a small creative risk.

From our Network:

Silent Lines – From Youth Work Hub
This is a good, simple and quick way to get a group to meet each other – without them even having to talk to each other!

Video Resources:

Making a Group Rhythm – a great way to start a workshop and bring people together:


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