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These experience activities are great for introducing people to new experiences that they might not have felt they were capable of. It’s important to build up to these activities and to have used some effective icebreakers before you get started.

If you have any of your own workshop activities that you would like to add then drop by our Facebook page and let us know. We’re always on the hunt for new ideas.


Yes, and…
One of our all-time favorite theater games. This is useful to open up the storytelling voice. 

Group Sculptures
This is a great way to explore issues using body expression.

Family Photos
Explore the use of the body to express an idea or emotion. This can be a great warm-up for a sculpture activity.

Blind Instructions
Of all the facilitation games we use, this one allows groups to talk about communication. 

Rock Talk
This is an experiential activity that opens conversations about diversity, empathy and sensitivity.

Power Tag
This game explores how and why we try to take power over others.

Junk Instruments
This is a great way to think about where there might be hidden resources in a community. It’s also a fantastic listening exercise.

What Brings You Joy
This is a great way to deepen relationships in the group, and to encourage positivity and active listening.

Clapping Circle
Develop listening and communication skills and introduce the idea of the body rhythm.

Dance Circle
This activity is great for energizing a group and building the creative risk to allow everyone to take creative leadership in a safe environment.

From out Network: 

Into the Jungle
Characterisation helped me teach members difficult exchange processes in an easy and fun environment.

Video Resources:

The Power of Metaphors – demonstration video with our co-founder Charlie Murphy:

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