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These energizers are great for growing the energy of a group, either at the end of the day as people start to flag, or at a time when you really want people to feel awake and alert.

If you have any of your own workshop activities that you would like to add then drop by our Facebook page and let us know. We’re always on the hunt for new ideas and workshop activities.

Bows and Arrows
This is a quick and fun warm-up to help get the blood moving and to get into your body.

Concrete Poems
This is a visual and language facilitation activity. It is a great way to introduce poetry to a group.

Shabooyah Roll Call
This favorite chanting game is super energizing and gives each participant a chance to be seen and to share their voice.

This theatre game opens up conversations about emotions and recognizing body language.

Poetry Translator
This is a fun and funny game that is a great warm up, but can also open up conversation about multi-lingual environments.

Count to Ten Together
This game creates opportunities for patience, intuition, listening and perseverance.

Build the energy of the group with this fun and energizing game.

Four Part Body Shake
This is a structured, group shake out activity and a fun way to energize the group and bring back focus in a group that is feeling tired.

Trick Applause
This is a super quick energy builder for large or small groups.

From our network:

Zip Zap Boing – From Youth Work Hub

This is a quick fire game to get the group warmed up.


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