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These closing activities are great for bringing the workshop to a meaningful end. They help the group to unwind and to start the transition back into their day to day lives without forgetting the lessons they have learned.

If you have any of your own workshop activities that you would like to add then drop by our Facebook page and let us know. We’re always on the hunt for new ideas.


Power Sticks
Participants love to make these power sticks for themselves or as a gift. This can be part of a closing ritual, or a graduation ceremony.

Tone Train
A closing activity that allows expression without verbalization.

Ten Poems
This writing exercise is a quick and simple way to improvise poetry. Makes a great closing round or energizer after a break.

That’s So True
This makes a powerful closing round after a workshop that has had some deep reflection.

Sound Cloud
This is a quick and energetic closing activity.

Closing Intention
The goal of this closing activity for groups is to have the everyone publicly express commitment to taking their learning into their community.

Emeralds and Slugs
This is a great way to invite feedback about the workshop or the program you are working on in a fun and engaging way.

To bring the group back together when there is a lot of energy or when ending a session.

Individual Sculptures
This activity offers a great way to help participants process their thoughts and feelings about a workshop using physical movement.

From out network:

Dreamcatcher Wrap
This closing activity helps you to gain feedback on your workshop and strengthen the sense of community and connection.

Video Resources:

The River of Life – led by Ugandan facilitator Andrew Nalani:

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