What trainings does PYE offer?

Creative Facilitation Level 1

An introduction to PYE’s powerful arts-based learning model and a great place to start for anyone who is new to the Creative Community Model. This experiential training gives you a toolbox of easy-to-lead activities designed to bring confidence and creativity to your role as a facilitator for groups of all sizes. This training is a requirement for anyone who wants to volunteer at a Creative Community Model camp.
(A two-day training)
Become a facilitator with the confidence and creativity to make a group come alive. This experiential training follows on from our level 1 training and will give you the insights and resources to run programmes and workshops that support and inspire in equal measures.
(A two-day training)
Are your students getting the most from their time in the classroom? Aimed at teachers and educators, this comprehensive training is designed to give you the creative facilitation skills that make your lessons the ones they remember.
(A two-day training)
Effective leadership requires creative thinking, the ability to see the bigger picture, tell a compelling story, and find solutions that are both innovative and resourceful. This training gives you an invaluable framework to do just that.
(A two-day training)
A training intensive to fire up your creativity and give you the skills to do the same for others. Whether you’re a teacher, trainer or CEO, it’s a valuable resource of tools and insights to take creative facilitation to the next level.
(A five-day training)

Art of Facilitation, International

Discover the art of engaging, inspiring and empowering through creative facilitation. This deeper level intensive professional training is experiential throughout and gives you the confidence and skills to lead learning experiences that can change lives. Looking at ways to create safety within a group, ways to have meaningful, helpful conversations with young people and ways to improve your own confidence and delivery skills as well as many other tools and ideas that will help you to become an industry leading facilitator.
(Six days minimum)

Engage, empower and support groups of all sizes by taking your creative facilitation skills to new heights. This intensive training shows you how to offer rich learning opportunities that foster community, creativity and change.
(One weekend per month for five months)

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