What is PYE training?

A Way to Increase Your Impact

Our mission is to ignite a generation of creative change-makers with the power to transform lives. When you take a PYE training, you get tools and support for leading classes, camps, workshops, or other groups in ways that awaken creativity, nurture community, and unleash the potential of participants. All PYE trainings are based on our Creative Community Model, honed over 20 years of experience and in practice on five continents.

“Being at the Creative Facilitation training will forever change the way I lead groups. Now I know how to engage my students!” Teacher, Bangalore India

“I came away from your training with the gift of working with young people in a way that I never thought was possible.  It’s such a creative and authentic way of empowering both kids and adults.  I honestly feel that this training was the best that I have experienced in my career of many, many years.” Youth Worker, USA

PYE trainings help you take your work to the next level, whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out. Learn leading-edge facilitation tools and proven arts empowerment practices that bring people together, engage resistant participants, and create a safe and supportive environment where transformative learning and collaboration can take place–regardless of differences in age, ethnicity or economic background.

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Who is PYE training for?

We specialize in working with youth workers, mentors and teachers. However, the skills we teach are applicable to anyone who wants to learn how to have a bigger impact on the youth or adults they lead. Regardless of profession, we refer to those trained in our Model as Creative Community Facilitators.

We’ve worked with:

  • youth workers
  • teachers
  • adult volunteers
  • artists
  • therapists
  • life coaches
  • workshop leaders
  • facilitators
  • camp personnel


What is a Creative Community Facilitator?


4 Responses to What is PYE Training?

  • Our school would love to know more about PYE and how it can be beneficial to our community

  • Hello and well done, i come from Uganda and happen to work with a Christian Organisation though as a medic.we got a primary school section and this children have really got talent in various sports but they do not know that they can excel even better than this if given the opportunity.
    my question is here is how best can they be helped to achieve their full potential?

    thank you,

    juliet Ogwang

  • Hi if I get enough people interested would you be willing to run a workshop in Barcelona for people who want to learn to be facilitors ? And if so could you provide more details on what the workshop would provide , costs, and how many people need to attend to make it viable ,

    Many thanks

    Pete Jones

  • Yes, Pete. You should get in touch with Anna Renau directly. She’s based in Barcelona and can get in touch: anna@pyeglobal.org.

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