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Music in Creative Detoxification and Rehabilitation

Discover the power of music for addiction recovery.7-Day Seminar

Discover the power of music for recovery from addiction! Join us for this exciting seven-day exploration into the theory and practice around addiction and music therapy. Space is limited to 20 participants, so apply soon.

Where: University of Brighton UK
When: 18 – 24th April, 2017
Application Deadline: 9am 20th February, 2017

Application Materials:


About MUS.I.C.D.A.RE

MUSic In Creative Detoxification And REhabilitation (MUS.I.C.D.A.RE) is a 3-year strategic partnership funded by Erasmus+ between the University of Macedonia, University of Nimes, alternative therapeutic community Argo in Greece, and PYE Global.

GroupPhotoPYE Global are excited to be hosting the next MUS.I.C.D.A.RE seminar in Brighton in the UK, supported by three local organisations: University of Brighton, New Note Orchestra and One Church Brighton.

On 18th – 23rd April the seminar will be held at the University of Brighton Grand Parade Campus, where we will have the chance to hear about their partnership with New Note Orchestra, the first recovery orchestra in the world. University of Brighton and New Note Orchestra have been working together to explore the value of creative practice in recovery of those with histories of alcohol or substance abuse. Students, staff and people in recovery are building community and mutual learning through making and performing new music together.

We will also be hosted by One Church Brighton on 24th April, which works with vulnerable groups across Brighton including those facing homelessness, food poverty, poor mental health, addiction, unemployment, unstable housing and many others.

Seminar Programme

The MUS.I.C.D.A.RE Seminar programme centres around sharing the joint research between the partners of this project into music-assisted systemic desensitisation of cravings during recovery presented by Dr Vasileios Stamou.

The programme covers:

  • CBT and neuroscience perspectives on recovery, music and addiction presented by Professor Pierluigi Graziani and Dr Jessica Giuffrida of University of Nimes
  • Experiential sessions in the approach used by alternative therapeutic community ARGO in supporting recovery through music and creative therapies in Greece presented by Panagiotis Georgakas and Theano Chatzoudi from ARGO
  • Practical tools for working with groups to creative a safe space for expression using voice, rhythm and movement presented by Kathy Ellwand of PYE Global.

What Participants Say

 “A genuinely amazing and inspirational experience; I am committed to bringing some of the community/creativity principles and practices into my work as a psychologist.”

Marc Tibber—Trainee Clinical Psychologist

“Personally, I got a lot of inspiration and am more interested in this line of work. It has also made me more determined to do my masters in Music Therapy as I met a lot of therapists from the University of Macedonia. I will be applying to volunteer at a rehabilitation facility. I can put a lot of what I have learnt into practice, the course has given me the confidence to do this.”

Isabel Pinto-Basto—Saxophonist & Music Teacher

Thank you for such an amazing experience! This opportunity was such a gift and I believe it will prove to be beneficial for many therapists, facilitators and anyone looking to enrich personal communication skills and deepen their level of knowledge and understanding for modern and creative approaches to successful therapy.”

Oliver Short—Musician, Therapist & Facilitator

How to Apply

To apply, please send the following:

  1. A 1-page covering letter explaining why you would like to attend this course, details of any relevant experience, and how you hope this course might impact your work.
  2. A photocopy of your passport
  3. Photocopies of certificates relevant to your application
  4. A completed application form (attached)

Send applications by post and scanned copy to Participants will be notified by email once documents are received.

ATT: Gwyn Wansborough
c/o Genagro Services
24 Old Burlington Street
London W1S 3AW
United Kingdom

**We need an original signed hard copy version of your application as part of the funding requirements so you must submit a paper application by post.**

Please note we are unable to cover travel or accommodation expenses for UK participants.

Application Materials


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