When is the next training?
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Who are trainings for? 

Our trainings are for anyone who works with groups of youth or adults as well as for people who simply want to enhance their own creativity: youth workers, educators, artists, trainers, facilitators, business leaders, and the general public.

I don’t work with youth, will I still find this training useful?

Yes! As an organization PYE is aiming to use this work to empower young people around the world because we believe that is where the need is greatest, but time and time again we have witnessed the many diverse ways that this method can be used. We’ve heard stories of the Creative Community Model being used to work with women’s groups in Nepal, toddlers in Tibet and even in corporate meetings in the United Kingdom.

Do I need to be an artist to take your trainings?

Absolutely not. The Creative Community Model is based on the belief that you don’t need to be a professional artist—or have any arts experience—to use the arts and creativity in your work with groups. People with arts experience and without enjoy equal benefits from the trainings.

If I already have experience with facilitation, should I skip Creative Facilitation 1?

We expect Creative Facilitation 1 is unlike any training you’ve ever taken, and highly recommend it no matter what experience you have. CF1 provides the ground work for using the arts as facilitation tools and at the same time develops your own confidence in your creativity.

What’s the difference between Creative Facilitation 1 & 2?

Creative Facilitation 1 focuses on using the arts in facilitation and developing your own creativity. Creative Facilitation 2 focuses on you as a facilitator developing key competencies and communication skills required to lead powerful learning programs.

Both trainings are largely experiential and provide practical tool kits of activities you can apply straight away to working with youth and groups of all ages.  While we recommend taking CF1 first, you can take the trainings in either order.

Do you offer custom trainings?

Yes. We offer tailor-made trainings for organizations or private groups. Contact  gwyn(@)pyeglobal.org for more details.

What do I need to bring to a training?

The training is experiential so it’s a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

All supplies will be provided for the training, but if you are local and have a special musical instrument you want to bring, please feel free. It might come in handy and it’s definitely not a requirement. Just a reminder—no previous experience with the arts is needed for this training.

Are there subsidies available?

At PYE we do everything we can to ensure that everyone is able to attend our trainings. We can also offer some suggestions and advice on how to fundraise for your place. Please see our list of six fundraising tips below.

How are the fees decided?

PYE is a registered charity in the UK and a 501-C-3 non-profit in the US. In an effort to spread the principles and practices of creative youth work we aim to keep our training fees as low as possible. We calculate the fees of each training to ensure that we cover our costs.

Can I set up a payment plan?

For our 5-month facilitation training we can work with you to set up a payment plan. Contact us for more details. We cannot set up payment plans for our CF1 & 2 trainings. For information on the payment policy for Heart of Facilitation click here.

Can I get a certificate after the training?

Absolutely! We are happy to offer certificates of attendance for all of our trainings. Please contact info(@)pyeglobal.org if you want a certificate.

Can I get professional development credit/clock hours/PDUs?

In the US, you have the opportunity to earn 500 level continuing education credits for completion of the Heart of Facilitation training. Also, educators in Oregon state can earn professional development units (PDUs) for HOF. And in Washington state, educators can apply to earn clock hours for participation in HOF, as well as in Creative Facilitation 1 and 2. An additional application and fees may apply.

What if I need to cancel at the last minute?

If you need to cancel a training please try to give us as much notice as possible. If possible, we will offer your place to someone on our waiting list. If you cancel a training and we are unable to find someone to replace you we will not be able to offer a refund of your fees. All of the money from our trainings is used to cover our costs and support our youth empowerment work.

What makes Creative Facilitation unique?

Our unique approach to facilitation provides a framework for using arts-based practices as facilitation tools. The trainings also use an experiential, creativity based methodology for developing your own skills as a facilitator—including self awareness, personal presence, and comfort standing in front of a group. You will learn strategies for engaging a full range of learning styles and bringing out the strengths of group members.

Where are your trainings offered?

PYE and PYE partners regularly hold trainings in the UK, Canada, USA, India, Brazil, Uganda, South Africa and more. If you do not see an upcoming training listed in your area, please feel free to contact us. We are open to exploring and working with you to bring Creative Facilitation to your community and/or organization.

How do you decide on venues?

Venues for each individual training vary but we make every effort to ensure that the locations are easy to reach and accessible. Our venues are usually in the center of the city close to major transport links and they are always spaces that we have inspected and found to be suitable for this kind of group work. When we look for venues we look for light and airy spaces with ample space to move around. Often the spaces we use have been generously donated to us by friends and partner organizations.

How can I convince my boss that the training is worth the time and money?

Try to see it from your boss’ perspective. What benefits will your participation in this workshop bring to your organization and the work you are trying to do? Each organization will be different but here are a few points to help you make a case:

    1. Creative Facilitation has been externally evaluated. A recent evaluation of our work finds that the Creative Community Model offers a power foundation for designing and delivering quality youth programs. You can download a copy of the report here.
    2. The training is highly practical and experiential and will give you a manual that will help you to design and implement effective programs for youth. These skills can be applied right away.
    3. This is a unique training that goes to the heart of using facilitation to develop vital social and emotional skills in young people and increase your impact.  Our alumni often tell us that this training provides a missing piece to their professional development.
    4. In return for the support you might want to offer to share the skills you’ve learned with other team members after the training.

I need to fundraise for my place. Do you have any tips?

Here are six ideas to get you started:

    1. Personal Crowd-funding platforms: This is a great way to use your networks to raise funds. Set up a crowd-funding page on IndieGogo or Kickstarter and ask friends and family to contribute a small amount towards your training costs.
    2. Host an event or performance: Invite your community to a fundraising event where you offer a performance or just put on a great party to support your fundraising.
    3. “Ask the Circle”: Giving circles are becoming more and more common. Invite your networks to a dinner with the purpose of raising funds for your training fees.
    4. Letter to a friend: Write a letter to current and former supporters of your work asking for sponsorship for this training.
    5. Ask your organisation to sponsor you: If you are affiliated to an organisation who could benefit from having a skilled facilitator ask them to sponsor you. As a counterpart you might offer to lead a workshop for other members of the staff after the training to share what you’ve learnt.

Terms and Conditions of Payment

See the terms and conditions of payment for PYE. Sadly, we are not able to offer refunds on trainings that are cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the event. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to the event we will do our best to offer your space to someone on our waiting list. If we are not able to re-assign your space we may not be able to offer a refund.

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  • I am wondering if you offer custom training with focus on incorporating arts and “sustainable development”, is that something which you would do by any chance?

  • Hi Ryan,
    If you are still interested in organizing a training of this kind please do get in touch via the contact us page


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