Creative Leadership & Teambuilding

Creative Leadership & Teambuilding
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Today’s leaders require a whole new set of skills to be effective in the modern world. According to social theorist Dan Pink and others, leaders most need right brain capacities like creativity and the ability to see the whole, tell a story, synthesize information, and connect with meaning.

Drawing on 15 years experience in training creativity leaders internationally, Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE) has developed a training series in Creative Facilitation an experiential workshop designed to build key skills for creative leadership.

This training will provide a framework for understanding the new demands for creative leadership. It then gives participants strategies and practices for developing these capacities within themselves and in facilitating groups. The training is based on the premise that you don’t have to have any artistic experience to use creative activities in your work.


Visit our list of upcoming PYE Trainings to find a Creative Leadership and Team-building training near you. If no trainings are listed please feel free to contact us to find out more.

Participants Learn:

– Ways to use arts-based activities to enliven learning, deep reflection and build strong teams

-Easy-to-lead activities based on storytelling, creative writing, visual arts, music, drama and movement

-Ways to create safe environments for innovation

– Practical models of creative process and group dynamics

-Ways to engage your own creativity

-Methods for building safety and high participation

-A framework for integrating multi-arts into training and team building work

Faculty members, trainers and team-leaders who complete this training build confidence in their own creative abilities and gain experience using a toolkit of techniques for bringing vibrancy into their classroom and teams.

What People Say

“The PYE Global training was highly effective in developing our young entrepreneurs’ leadership skills. As a result of the training this group has remained a cohesive, energized and engaged network that continues to thrive.”
Andrew McMenamin, Head of Operations, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award International Association, London, UK

“I have attended many training programmes across the globe.This has been by far the best not just in terms of learning alone but transforming the way I facilitate delivery of my own programs”
Shri Kant Gupta, Chair, Business Leadership Program, School of Inspired Leadership, India

“I have been working in the youth field for approximately 20 years and have seen many facilitators. Quite frankly, you are, without question, the “best” facilitators I have ever experienced. You add a feeling component that is empowering and embracing. It is something that I wish to incorporate into my world of facilitation.”
Manager, Youth Directorate, Executive Council Office, Whitehorse, Canada

“The activities that you taught us have become a key component of the daily community building efforts of our program.”
US Youth Venture Staff, Ashoka, Washington D.C, USA

“PYE Global’s Creative Community Model has enabled us to train our staff, build sound principles of engagement, and create a scaleable, replicable model for life skills development for our organization.”
Vishal Talreja, Co Founder and CEO, Dream A Dream, Bangalore, India

About PYE

PYE is an international non-profit that partners with communities around the world to activate the creative potential of young people and adult mentors. For over 15 years, PYE leaders have provided training and support to individuals and organizations to lead transformative programs for young people and adults through a proven methodology called the Creative Community Model.


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Want to bring PYE’s creativity-based approach to your organization? We also offer customized trainings. Contact Gwyn Wansbrough at gwyn(@) for more details.

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