Creative Classroom Training

Empowering Teachers to Empower Youth

Creativity gets a lot of buzz as the key to reinvigorating education, the economy, and communities. But how can teachers put creativity into action, and sustain it while facing the demands of their work? PYE’s Creative Classroom trainings show you how.

The Creative Classroom Solution

A growing body of evidence tells us that “soft skills”—creativity, self-expression, and social and emotional literacy—are essential for positive youth development, academic achievement, and workplace success. These same “soft skills” dramatically increase the impact of teachers in the classroom. In our Creative Classroom training, you’ll learn how to nurture these important skills in young people.

Tried and tested on 5 continents over 10 years, PYE’s Teacher Training combines behavioral science, experiential learning, easy-to-lead arts-based activities and cutting-edge group facilitation. Teachers and schools gain straightforward, easy-to-implement frameworks and techniques. Unleash the power of creativity to:

  • Increase student energy and engagement
  • Create safe learning environments
  • Redirect disruptive behaviors
  • Build strong student/teacher bonds
  • Grow student confidence and motivation

What We Offer

We design trainings to fit the needs of your school: from short, introductory sessions to two-day trainings to in-depth, year-long engagements. If you are interested in learning more please contact Peggy Taylor (US) or Gwyn Wansbrough (Europe/International).

Introduction to Creative Classroom (3 hours)

Get an overview of the Artesia Model as well as creativity tools and techniques that teachers can immediately use in their classrooms.

Creative Teambuilding (half to 1 day)

Build team cohesion, connect with purpose and learn a basic framework to enliven learning for students.

Short Courses (three 3-hour sessions)

Creative classroom training at School 21

Teachers take part in Creative Classroom training at School 21 in London.

These courses for teachers, leadership and parents cover topics such as effective communication and engaging resistant youth as well as specific areas tailored to your school.

Creative Leadership (1 day)

Experiential training for head teachers and school directors. Activate your leadership, authentic communication and coaching skills to build creative and engaged school teams.

Creative Classroom Fundamentals (1-year engagement)

Instill creativity throughout your teaching staff over an academic year: four days of in-person training plus follow-up and implementation support.

Model School (1-year partnership)

Build a culture of creativity and empowerment with this close collaboration that includes leadership training, all-staff team building, Creative Classroom fundamentals, coaching, and implementation support.

How Creative Classroom helps teachers around the world

Amplify energy and engagement

“The activities are like magic wands that energize the students and energize me. We become more of a unit, not ‘I’m the teacher, you’re the students.’”—USA

Encourage critical thinking

“As a result of this workshop, I no longer give ready solutions to my students; instead I encourage them to talk, discuss and think.”

Create a safe environment

“The students who participated the least in class are now the most engaged. My students feel supported and are able to express their emotions more freely.”—Cyprus

Reach every student

“Since the training, my ‘weak’ and ‘indifferent’ students not only participate but stand up and even find answers. Their voices are finally heard!”—Greece

Be a stronger teacher

“My creative instincts have heightened and I am a better communicator. I would love it if everyone at my school was given this opportunity.”—Jamaica

Love what you do!

“A brilliant, uplifting course which has inspired and rekindled my passion for teaching.”—UK

Apply for a Training, or Host Your Own

Visit our list of Upcoming PYE Trainings to find out about and apply for Creative Classroom Trainings near you. If no trainings are listed, please feel free to contact us to request one in your area. To arrange your own customized Creative Classroom Training specifically your school faculty and staff, contact

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