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share your workshop

Designed a workshop activity that you’re really proud of?

As part of our commitment to helping social artists around the world to connect with each other and work together to strengthen their practice we’re asking workshop leaders to share their high quality workshops, adding them to our growing library of workshop activities. We credit everyone for the ideas they submit and are happy to amend or remove your activity from our listings at any time you wish.

Together, we can create a global, supportive network of social artists who are continuously growing and learning, bringing arts-based empowerment work to thousands of youth and adults around the world.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to share your workshop you can post it in the comments section here, drop by our Facebook page or email katie(@)

Thank you so much for being part of the movement to spread creativity and empowerment! #artforchange

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  • Activity Name:- GUM PIPE (Pipe and the person)
    Materials:- length plastic pipe (minimum 5 ft)

    Instructions: 1.Invite the group to stand in the parallel line facing each other.
    2.And ask group members to stretch their both the hands by opening only the index finger (Pam facing down to wards the floor)
    For ex: one line is called ‘A’ and another one is ‘B’ – so A line participants finger should be in between of B’s fingers
    3. Make the pipe to lie on the fingers were pipe needs to be connected for all the participants fingers.
    4. Now invite the group to bring that pipe towards floor without any finger disconnect from the pipe.
    5. They cannot hold the pipe or put a finger on the pipe to bring downwards.
    6. Incase if any one participant gets disconnected start the game from beginning.
    7. After some time the group is struggling give some time to strategies or use some ideas and when they are ready you can start the activity.

    Learning area:- team building, effective communication, prioritizing , increase in self confidence, stretching from comfort zone.

  • Thank you so much Mahesh! This is fantastic. We will share it with our network today.

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