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Looking for some simple melodies or call-and-response songs for your youth group, community choir, or classroom? You’ve come to the right place! Take a look through our Song Library, and let us know if you have a song to share. Send audio or video files to Thank you!

Kuku rhythmThe Kuku Rhythm
A good choice for groups who are more proficient or experienced in creating sounds and movement with their bodies.
SongGroup Song: Siyahamba
Facilitator Xoli Fuyani shares  Siyahamba (Walking in the Light of God), a South African hymn and traditional gospel song often sung in school assembly.
Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 18.26.35Group Rhythm
PYE co-founder Charlie Murphy leads a rhythm at a training in Uganda. A great way to engage folks in creating sound and movement with their own bodies.
This (song)This
Facilitator and Music Educator Rebekka Goldsmoth shares the beautiful 3 part Harmony of This, by Becky Reardon.
Walk in the Power songWalk in the Power
Facilitator Vanessa Richards shares a powerful song for energizing groups and moving people to action.
gina sala songLokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Facilitator, vocalist, composer and sound healer Gina Sala shares the beautiful Sanskrit Devotional Mantra.
Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 11.10.15Helele Mama
Facilitator and mindfulness coach Olusola Adebiyi shares an energizing South African harmony.
Mukara songMukara
Facilitator Cecilia Zanotti shares a powerful song taught to her by the Pataxó people of Bahia Brazil.
I Am Worthy songI Am Worthy
Metta Paterson teaches a beautiful song of affirmation by Yvette Narlock.
The Peace Village SongThe Peace Village Song
In this video Paul Simon performs his original song, written and created for use at youth camps.
Iayyo song Iayyo
Gina Sala leads a song of adoration that she learned in Ghana.
Shona malanga songShona Malanga
Xoli Fuyani shares a Zulu song which became an anti-apartheid protest song.
Bodhisattva songThe Bodhisattva Song
Paul Simon performs one of his original songs in a call-and-response style.
Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 15.53.39I Send My Love
A beautiful way to celebrate and acknowledge new friendships and the imminent parting of ways, particularly towards the end of a youth camp.
Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 16.05.15 We Are Marching
Facilitator Robin Jackson shares a version of this much loved camp song.

Tosa Tosa
This name chant (see sound file below) is led by Joanne Lauterjung Kelly and was taught to her by a Liberian woman with whom she worked. It’s useful as a tool for helping a group start thinking about rhythm while learning each others’ names.

More Song Ideas from the Web

One Heart Beating

This is a 3 part song that helps to affirm our connection with each other and with the world we walk in.

Let us See the Beauty
This beautiful song is explained brilliantly on the Songs for the Great Turning website. It is a song of love for life. 

Showing gratitude for the oceans with a 4 part harmony that is calming and comforting, like the ocean waves.

Snatam Kaur
Thank you to PYE alumni Susan White who shared this song with us after attending one of our trainings. “I just attended the workshop with Nadia Chaney in Owen Sound and it was the best training I have ever been to. I feel electric”

Please note: All of the songs that PYE uses in workshops and facilitation have come to us through others. Many have their roots in deep heritage and traditions and we do not claim to own or have the rights to any of them. In many cases we are not able to say for sure that the lyrics are true to the original. It is very possible that they have changed and altered over time as they are passed from person to person. If you have any information about the origins of any of the songs you hear here then please do let us know – we would be happy to update our records.

2 Responses to Song Library

  • Hi

    My name is Keith Jone and i am a youth worker at Glasgows Tollcross YMCA.

    I work in many different areas of Youth Work and at the moment funding pending it’s Music going forward.

    We have just finished recording an anti-sectarian tune and as i type this it is being mixed down 🙂
    We were lucky enough that one of our Young People secured funding for our studio equipement which the Young People are really enjoying it. Learning how to create music from scratch to the final product being on soundcloud for them to download and for all to listen.

    I have also delivered makeymakey workshops in special needs schools, residential care homes, sports day in glasgowd eastend and off course in the YMCA.

    I have not participated yet in any PYE talks but i am loving ” catch the fire ” book by yourselfs and would like to work together in some way as other projects could be happening.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Yours in music

    Keith Jones

  • Hi Keith,

    Great to hear from you! We don’t currently work in Glasgow but the work you do sounds amazing. Can you email to start up the conversation about collaborations? Also, shameless plea but if you like the book, please do write a review on the Amazon page!

    Also, every 3rd thursday of the month we ask facilitators and youth workers around the world to assemble together for a facilitated conversation on Facebook. We would love to see you at the next one:


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