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Our online network connects thousands of facilitators, youth workers, workshop leaders, and educators around the world. PYE’s Online Assemblies provide a convenient but powerful way to gather, and share knowledge and experience in a way that bridges distance.

Each online event is focused on a specific aspect of Creative Community facilitation, and led by one of PYE’s lead facilitators. These events are free and lots of fun.

All are welcome! Anyone who works with groups of youth or adults, or wants to increase their impact and creativity, will benefit. Either join us live on Facebook or view the transcript/recording below (scroll down to end of page).


3rd Thursdays – Written Sessions

These assemblies last for 90 minutes and are entirely written, beginning with a brief check-in and a set of goals and agreements that everyone is welcome to contribute to.

The lead facilitator’s periodic posts guide the discussion, which unfolds as participants comment.

You are free to come and go throughout the assembly. Join for as long as your schedule allows, and feel free to return later to review parts of the discussion you missed!


8am Seattle / Vancouver | 11am Toronto / Bogota | 2pm Rio de Janeiro 4pm London | 6pm Cape Town |  9:30pm Bangalore.

Visit a time zone conversion clock to determine the start time in your area.

4th Wednesdays – Video Sessions – Starting September 2017

These assemblies last for 30 minutes and are a video based deep dive into this month’s assembly topic.


How to join an online event:

  1. Join our PYE 3rd Thursday Assembly Facebook group page
  2. Visit the Facebook page at the set time to join live

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Meet the Team:

Nadia Chaney

Nadia Chaney, Director of Training

Nadia is a spoken word artist, curriculum writer and arts empowerment facilitator and trainer. Since 2002, she has facilitated over 2,000 events, workshops and trainings on four continents, helping people use the arts for personal and social transformation.

She specializes in anti-oppression, creative risk-taking, and participatory decision-making.



Peggy TaylorPeggy Taylor, M. Ed, (Ex-Officio, Director of Training and Co-Founder)

Peggy is a writer, musician, and creative development specialist with a Masters of Education in Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley University in Cambridge MA, USA. She has over 30 years experience working in the fields of group facilitation and experiential learning.

Peggy is co-founder and for many years was co-director of the Power of Hope. She is co-author of Chop Wood, Carry Water: A Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Everyday Life, and Catch the Fire: An Art-Full Guide to Unleashing the Creative Power of Youth, Adults and Communities.

Peggy is on the board of Hollyhock, a learning center/retreat on Cortes Island, BC, Canada.  She leads PYE’s advanced level training, the Heart of Facilitation.  More recently, Peggy co-founded Young Women Empowered, a leadership program for teen women in the Seattle area that is being incubated by PYE.


Nilisha_HeadshotNilisha Mohapatra, PYE Trainer

Nilisha is a social artist, creative coach and facilitator. Since 2010, she has been using visual and performing arts to build thriving communities across India and the United States. As the Associate Manager of Training & Development at Dream A Dream, a non-profit in Bangalore, India, she used experiential learning to train adults in creative facilitation and develop life skills in young people.
From social leaders, women entrepreneurs, and corporate teams, to youth from vulnerable backgrounds, teachers of low income schools, and detention center staff – Nilisha has worked with over 150 groups. She believes that expanding our creative potential enables us to make powerful yet conscious choices.



Silvia Giovannoni, International Senior Trainer

Silvia, Lead Facilitator for PYE, is passionate about social change. She spent six years supporting social entrepreneurs through Ashoka, worked as an adult volunteer and lead facilitator in the LIFEbeat camps in the UK, and has led PYE trainings in the UK, Brazil, Spain.

Silvia is originally from Rio de Janeiro and holds a Law Degree from PUC-SP. In addition to doing transformative work with young people and through yoga and movement, she enjoys cycling, theatre, dance, and engaging the business community in social change.


Ella CooperElla Cooper

Ella Cooper is an award winning multidisciplinary artist, creative facilitator, photographer, emerging dance/documentary filmmaker, educator and community consultant. Ella has a Masters of Arts Education and extensive training in creative facilitation. She has created a multitude of empowering community centred arts, media and yoga outreach programs for at risk youth, women’s groups, not for profits, community centres/assistance programs, seniors and local school districts in Toronto, Vancouver, Surrey, Williams Lake and Montreal. She currently works as the Senior Coordinator of the Neighbourhood Arts Network and is excited to play an active role in helping to co-facilitate and disseminate PYE’s facilitator trainings.


Transcripts of Past Assemblies

Take a look at PDF transcripts of past topics including mindfulness in facilitation, self-love for facilitators, and the power of body and voice in a workshop environment. Click on the link to download the file.

January 2018: Presence

November 2017: Patience

October 2017: Facilitation and the Inner Life

September 2017: Developing Your Style

August 2017: The Strength of Silence

July 2017: Talking Your Process

June 2017: Facilitating Strong Openings and Closings for Camps/Workshops

May 2017 The Ups and Downs of Personal Vulnerability in Facilitation

April 2017 Facilitating One-On-One Conversations

March 2017: Structures and Activities for Group Dialogue

February 2017 The Value and Practice of Interrupting in Group Process

January 2017 Intervening in Difficult Group Dynamics

January 2016 Equity Centered Facilitation and Safe Spaces

March 2016 When to Share Your Personal Story as a Facilitator

April 2016 Personal Journey of a Facilitator

May 2016 Balancing Voice and Power in Group Dynamics

June 2016 Play Day

July 2016 Facilitating Anti-Oppression Conversations

August 2016 Elephant in the Room

September 2016 Play Day

January 2015 Dealing with Broken Agreements

February 2015 The Meaning of Listening in Facilitation

March 2015 Facilitation in an Online World

April 2015 A Facilitator’s Presence

June 2015 Eye Contact in Group Facilitation

August 2015 Visual Arts in Facilitation

October 2015 Transforming Limiting Beliefs as Facilitators

January 2014 Intentions

February 2014 Facilitating Activism

March 2014 Designing Activities

April 2014 Co-Facilitation Best Practices

May 2014 Dealing with Broken Agreements

June 2014 Daily Practices for a Facilitator

July 2014 Creative Classroom

September 2014 Using Mindfulness with Groups

October 2014 Self-Love for Facilitators

November 2014 Using Movement with Groups of Mixed Ability

December 2014 Facilitating with Friends and Family

March 2013: Ice Breakers

June 2013 How do you continue the Learning Journey?

November 2013: Poetry Workshop Ideas

December 2013 Facilitating with Friends and Family

We welcome your suggestions for 3rd Thursday Assembly topics. Please email

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