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Music in Creative Detoxification and Rehabilitation
Free 1-Day Conference in Brighton, UK

10am – 6pm  30thSeptember 2017
Media Centre, 1st floor, Lecture Theatre 105
University of Brighton
154 – 155 Edward St, BN2 0JG


Download full programme here

We have 40 places for people who have not yet participated in this project.

Please register online following this link: 



We have limited places for former participants – please contact us (anna@pyeglobal.org) if you have already been on a MUS.I.C.D.A.RE seminar but would like to come to the conference.



Introduction to MUS.I.C.D.A.RE

MUS.I.C.D.A.RE (Music in Creative Detoxification and Rehabilitation)

MUS.I.C.D.A.RE is a 3-year strategic partnership between the University of Macedonia (Greece), alternative therapeutic community ARGO (Greece), Psychiatric Hospital Thessaloniki (Greece), PYE Global (UK) and the University of Nîmes (France).

We are now in the 3rd year of the partnership, and after holding the 3rd Seminar in the UK in April 2017, PYE  Global is now is organising a 1-day Conference to present MUS.I.C.D.A.RE and explore the power of music for recovery from addiction. The event is open to anyone interested in the use of music as a complementary therapeutic intervention during the detoxification and rehabilitation process of individuals suffering from drug dependence or addictions. 

MUS.I.C.D.A.RE is bringing together the expertise of academics, researchers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation professionals, therapists, music teachers and creative facilitators. 


  • Explore and share ideas about how to use creativity and music in recovery from addiction with a diverse group of people – academics, researchers, therapists, people in recovery, musicians, facilitators, music therapists
  • Practical activities and academic sessions
  • Presentations from world class academics and innovative community music projects


Speakers and presenters include:

Keynote by Prof. Jorg Fachner, Anglia Ruskin University

MUS.I.C D.A.RE partners Dr. Vasileios Stamou, Dr. Lelouda Stamou, Prof. Pierluigi Graziani, Greek alternative therapeutic community ARGO and PYE

Rising Voices Choir, Bristol

New Note Orchestra, Brighton

Download full programme here


Please register online following this link: 


For more information please contact anna@pyeglobal.org.


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