Partner with PYE

Join the Creative Community Movement! Partner with PYE, and help ignite the potential of youth. Together, we can do more to support young people as they strive to become dynamic, compassionate, and engaged leaders. We believe that in order to ensure successful futures for the next generations, and a healthy future for our planet, collaboration is essential.

Our partners make our work possible, from Uganda to Brazil, India to Canada, and around the world.  If your organization shares our mission of empowering youth by awakening their innate creativity, we’d love to partner with you, too.To explore how your work could be deepened through use of the Creative Community Model, and support from PYE, please contact our Managing Director, Gwyn Wansbrough, at

Are you an individual who wants to get involved with PYE on your own, outside of an organizational affiliation? We welcome you to join the movement! Find out how here.