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Why donate? Support even one youth worker, teacher, or creative facilitator, and you create a ripple effect. Your gift unleashes the power, purpose, and potential of dozens to hundreds of young people, as classrooms and youth programs are transformed and changemakers are born.

Every young person deserves a powerful learning experience where they are seen, heard, and valued. Your gift turns that vision into reality. Thank you!

Donate US donations: PYE Global is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit. All donations are tax deductible.

Canadian donations: Canadian donations are now tax deductible, use this link.  Please contact if you prefer to donate by cheque or Wire/Bank Transfer. 

UK donations: All individual donations in the UK qualify for Gift Aid (Charity registration no. 1140994), adding 20% to the value of your donation. Please donate via our JustGiving page.

Sara Worls

Ugandan teaching Artist John Mary

Youth camp was a kick!

Facilitator and PYE Youth Camp Mentor Warren Hooley

Facilitator Xoli Fuyani

Suggested Donation Levels

  • $25: Give our book Catch the Fire to a facilitator, mentor, teacher, or youth worker. It’s our complete, 300-page guide to the Creative Community Model, with over 100 easy-to-lead activities that enliven and enrich learning environments, helping young people gain the confidence and skills to thrive.
  • $50: Give a suite of basic arts training supplies for use in PYE workshops, and continued use in participants’ communities (youth programs or classrooms, for example). You’ll fuel the creative expression that lies at the heart of our youth empowerment mission.
  • $150: Give a partial scholarship for a 2-day PYE training. Enable a facilitator, mentor, teacher, or youth worker, in need of financial assistance, to deepen their impact! They’ll learn new skills and build valuable networks aimed at awakening the innate creativity and potential of youth.
  • $300: Give a full scholarship to a 2-day PYE training. You’ll cover the total workshop cost for a teacher, youth worker, or facilitator who would otherwise be unable to attend. Ignite a practitioner’s creative spark and empower them to do the same for the youth they lead!
  • $1500: Give a full scholarship to PYE’s “Art of Facilitation” training . This is a profound gift for one truly dedicated facilitator, youth worker, or teacher. As the gold standard of PYE’s training series, this advanced level workshop entails a thorough application process and long waiting list. Practitioners maximize their leadership potential through personal development, leading-edge facilitation and communication skills, and more, mastering the Creative Community Model.
  • $3000: Give a 2-day training for 30 practitioners in the US, Canada, or UK. Help transform local communities! With this investment, you will produce a real ripple effect, as each teacher, youth worker, or other leader uses their learning to empower dozens to hundreds of young people.
  • $5000: Give a 2-day training for 30 practitioners overseas, and help the Creative Community Model take root in schools, camps, and youth programs around the globe. Your gift’s impact will have far-reaching effect, from South Africa to South Korea, Uganda to Brazil, or beyond. What a wonderful way to plant seeds of change worldwide.

Youth at POH campolivianaScreen shot 2015-02-10 at 18.50.02IMG_3506

Campers and staff connect at the 2015 Power of Hope on Whidbey Island.


Other Ways to Donate

  • Stock transfer
  • Frequent Flyer Miles. If you are interested in donating frequent flyer miles, please contact:
  • Cheque made payable to PYE Global – Partnership for Youth Empowerment send to PYE Global, P.O. Box 1481 Langley WA 98260 USA
  • Bank transfer in the UK: HSBC branch sort code 40-05-01 Account no 91734075

Large-Scale Support

We’ve crafted a bold strategic plan to increase and scale our impact to reach one million youth per year by 2020, and we are deeply grateful for gifts of all sizes, helping expand our circle of impact. We’d love the opportunity to speak with you about our strategic plan and discuss ways of becoming a major contributor towards PYE’s mission. Please contact Gwyn Wansbrough, Executive Director, at Thank you.