One Social Artist Empowers Thousands


David Kafambe, Uganda

PYE-Trained Lead Facilitator

PYE proactively identifies and provides intensive training and coaching to people with potential to become leaders in the youth serving field all over the world. In 2010 we provided intensive training and coaching in leading programs and training others in the Creative Community Model to 167 emerging leaders in six countries. Following the training, many of these trainees were promoted within their organizations to positions of greater responsibility, meaning they earned extra income and reached thousands of young people.

Ugandan youth worker David Kafambe is one example of how PYE training can help a social artist increase their influence in their organizations and in the field of youth work.

David is on the staff of DSW, a German-based organization that works on issues around sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia and consults with the Ministry of Gender. He is an active member of a group of Ugandan leaders in the youth development field trained in the Creative Community Model called the Creative Facilitation Team.

With this training, David has led youth programs for his organization in every province in Uganda, and has designed and lead professional development training for staff in several countries. After training with PYE for a few years, David was selected by his organization to attend a month-long training sponsored by the Swedish International Development Agency on working with youth living in especially difficult situations. He was also chosen by his African peers to head a project to develop a pan-African training initiative for youth workers.In 2011 David led eleven 5-day residential camps for youth and trained staff to help lead them for the Ministry of Gender and DSW.

David is very enthusiastic about spreading the PYE model and methods. “I want to open many doors to spread this work,” he says. “It has changed me, and I want to use it to help others.”

Our ongoing goal is to invest more training and support in any social artist like David Kafambe who can lead programs and train others in each of the regions we work.


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