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The Challenge

It is estimated that 50% of the population in India is under the age of 25.  Young people in India are growing up in a time of rapid societal change, yet the social support systems needed to help them thrive in the future are not keeping pace and adapting to these changes.

Indian youth are educated in a system largely focused on exams and rote learning, a system that doesn’t develop the creative capacities and social and emotional skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. Furthermore, little, if any, attention is paid to preparing teachers, youth workers, counselors, teaching artists or youth organizations to provide youth with support in making positive life choices, expressing themselves, committing to their own learning, and becoming leaders in their families and communities.

A Solution

Dream A Dream is an award-winning youth organization in Bangalore that provides critical life-skills training to children from vulnerable backgrounds. Their own dream is to equip 240,000 children with essential life skills over the next five years. They chose our Creative Community Model as the best way to achieve it.

In 2010, PYE’s Charlie Murphy and Nadia Chaney led three training initiatives in Bangalore for close to 200 staff and volunteers of Dream a Dream and 25 partner organizations and schools. They also led two arts-empowerment camps for youth.

After attending one of these camps, one young man wrote, “Because of this camp I can see what is possible for our community when we all share our creativity. I want more experiences like this one.”  A teacher who participated in the same program remarked, “I will forever change the way I teach.  Now I know how to engage my students.”

“Our new partnership with PYE has come at a critical juncture to help us achieve our vision,” says Vishal Talreja, founder and Executive Director of Dream A Dream. “PYE’s Creative Community Model has enabled us to train our staff, build sound principles of engagement with children, and create a scalable, replicable model for life-skills development.”

Going forward, PYE will continue to work with Dream a Dream to provide intensive training to 15 India-based lead facilitators, who can then lead youth programs and train teachers and others who work with young people in the Creative Community Model. From this small start, we hope to reach and influence 100,000 young Indians in 2012 alone.


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