Creative Facilitation Training in Seattle


Creative Facilitation 1

    When: September 7-8, 2018 (9am – 5pm, both days)
    Trainer: Claudia Pineda and Reid Kuennen
    Venue:  2100 Building, 2100 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA
    Fee: $300 with scholarship and group discounts available

Creative Facilitation 2

    When: October 19-20, 2018 (9am – 5pm, both days)
    Trainer: Alan Wong and Claudia Pineda
    Venue: TBD
    Fee: $300 with scholarship and group discounts available


Harness the incredible power of creativity to transform your programs, classroom, or workplace. In our Creative Facilitation Training series, you’ll gain potent but practical skills and strategies for unlocking potential and purpose in youth, or groups of adults. This is big!

Research shows that when you open the gates of creativity, you allow motivation, collaboration, and achievement to take flight. Learn to create an empowering space in which transformative learning experiences can take place. Equipped with arts-infused practices and principles of group dynamics, you can be the spark that ignites potential in those around you. PYE will show you how. Prepare to be amazed by what you can do.

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“This is the best professional development course I’ve ever taken.”
Peter Gindl, Centre for Excellence in Mental health

“This program is useful for anyone regardless of whether they facilitate a youth group or not. This is important, significant and truly transformative work you are doing. I am grateful that I was able to experience this.”
CF 1 Participant, Ottawa, 2014

“We need to do a better job of engaging future generations. PYE is leading a movement to activate the creative potential of young people from all sectors of society to build an inclusive, healthy world.”
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, PYE Advisory Board Member

Join us and Learn:

  • Ways to build trust and respect in a group
  • Ways to open space for dialogue about issues that matter to your participants
  • Meaningful arts-based group activities in an easy-to adapt experiential model
  • Ways to create the conditions for a transformative experience
  • Strategies to ignite your own creativity and find new joy and energy in your work

The Creative Facilitation 1 training is complemented by Creative Facilitation 2. While Creative Facilitation 1 introduces models and techniques for bringing the arts into your work, Creative Facilitation 2 is all about you as a facilitator.


alan wong (2)   

Alan Wong, MSW, is a senior facilitator with PYE Global who has dedicated his life to helping youth, educators, and communities to grow. He is the former program director and lead facilitator at Power of Hope and founder of Alan Wong: Facilitation and Training.  Over the last sixteen years, Alan has led trainings for educators throughout the Northwest, United States, and internationally in Myanmar, India, Canada, Ecuador, Thailand, Korea, Brazil, and beyond. He is known for leading engaging and inspiring hands-on trainings which provide participants with practical tools for re-imagining and revitalizing their work.

Pineda Claudia  

Claudia Pineda, MSW, works with youth and families involved with the justice system. She surrounds social justice with a focus on racial, gender, economic, and sexual equity. Since 2014, when she first became involved in PYE Global and the Creative Community Model, her life has been transformed. She now connects the Creative Community Model with people who are socially marginalized and seek empowerment. Claudia has been inspired by the healing and transformation she has witnessed her participants experience. 

Reid Kuennen (2)  

Reid Kuennen believes our communities crave the normalization and celebration of non-dominant identities through the power of storytelling. An experienced filmmaker, Reid focuses her efforts on teaching the next generation of filmmakers and using video as a resistance tool. As a mentor/instructor, Reid works to cultivate safer, collaborative spaces where we build one another up to be our most creative, clever, and courageous selves.



Training fees are on a sliding scale. We operate on the honor system and allow participants to select the rate that works best for their situation. Please contact Helena at if you have questions or need further support.

$300: full rate (actual cost of the training)
$225: 25% scholarship
$150: NonProfit Group Discount (3 or more from the same organization)

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