Social Art Project: LATE NITE ART

Adam Rosendahl and Julien Thomas are PYE trained social artists who run LATE NITE ART, an evening of creativity, live music and local food. The event currently takes place in Vancouver, Canada and Oakland, USA. Here, they tell us how PYE and the Creative Community Model helped them to build the idea, and talk about why creativity is so important for society.

Tell us about Yourselves

I strongly believe that we need to creatively re-imagine how we relate to each other and the world, as this can inspire and bring hope to those around us.

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PYE Co-Founder Charlie Murphy Hosts a Live Facebook Chat

4 May 2012

Welcome to the PYE Facebook live web chat everyone – it’s Charlie Murphy here. Really happy you could join us!

This is the first time we are doing a web chat of this kind. We want to deepen the dialogue about programs for youth and working with young people in creative ways and learning from each other. Ask me anything you like. No question is too small. Questions could be about using the arts and creativity in your work, about facilitation and how to develop a career as a facilitator.


Eric Mulholland: How do you help bring out a young person in the group who is obviously withdrawn? I have this one youth who seems to resist even the most creative activities and I am really frustrated at how to engage her.

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Creative Community Model in Brazil – Good Beginnings Pay Off!

It was nearly a year ago to the day since the first Partners for Youth Empowerment excursion to Brazil. At the time I wrote a blog about the sense of excitement, expectation and promise I felt going back to my home country to spread PYE’s Creative Community Model. Last year I saw Brazil as new, fertile ground for PYE. I remember coming away from that trip feeling that we had prepared the ground for amazing things to come.

I had different emotions before we set off this time. The sense of excitement was still there but I was also aware that we were going back to a garden where we had prepared the soil and checking to see if any of the seeds had taken root.

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Social Artist Profile…Daniel Lalande

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 14.52.35

Canadian born Daniel Lalande is a  recent convert to social artistry. For 24 years Daniel worked as a costume designer, but in 2002 he slowly initiated a career transition to the development sector. He uses creative mediums such as crafts, theater, creative writing and music to help cross barriers, providing a voice for those who don’t normally get heard.
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Social Artists Guide to Social Media From PYE

Thinking of putting your project online? Wanting to expand your connection to other social artists? It needn’t be daunting with the PYE step by step guide to social media for social artists and entrepreneurs.

How Can Social Artists Get Started on Social Media?

Choose your platform

Whether your a social artist, a visual artist, or just a business person trying to promote your company, starting out in social media can be daunting. There are a number of different social networks and platforms to choose from when you are starting a social media campaign, and it feels like new platforms appear every week.

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Youth Organizations and Social Artists are Alive and Well in Washington DC

Last weekend Nadia Chaney and I led a Creative Facilitation Training in Takoma Park, Maryland (right next to Washington DC). Once again I was reminded of the rich tapestry of people that are working for good in our world. 25 artists, college students, teachers, youth workers and social entrepreneurs attended from a wide range of service and social enterprise organizations. The age of participants spanned six decades.

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Creativity blossoms in India

Two years ago PYE embarked on a partnership with Bangalore-based Dream A Dream, a life skills program serving 3000 disadvantaged youth per year.  On the heels of a 6-week visit from PYE senior trainer and seasoned social artist, Nadia Chaney, our partnership continues to blossom.

Dream A Dream is an award-winning charity in Bangalore India that provides critical life skills training to children from vulnerable backgrounds.  Their own dream is to equip 240,000 children with essential life skills over the next five years. They chose PYE’s Creative Community Model as a key piece in their strategy to scale.

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