“There are signs everywhere that we need to do a better job of engaging future generations.  PYE is leading an international movement to activate the creative potential of young people to build an inclusive, healthy world.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Chair, PYE Advisory Board

The Art of Facilitation

An intensive professional development opportunity for practitioners and organisations who work with young people.


“I have never before witnessed this transformational power of creativity in such a profound way in such a short space of time.” Cyrus Kwalyay.

The Art of Facilitation is a proven arts-based training programme that provides a step-by-step, easy to implement pathway to becoming a leader who can create transformative experiences for young people.  Based on the premise that good facilitators are authentic, creative, responsible, and passionate, the Art of Facilitation combines personal growth with skill building in facilitation, youth development and arts-based practices.

Who is AOF for?

AOF is designed especially for:

-Youth Workers
-Creative Arts Practitioners

Course Description:

  • Core skills for being an effective, engaging group facilitator: Intention, awareness, effective communication, deep listening, presence and creativity
  • Ways to design programmes for maximum impact
  • Ways to ignite your own creativity and seamlessly integrate arts activities into your work
  • How to create the conditions for young people to take creative risks and express themselves authentically
  • Ways to engage and empower young people from diverse cultures, life situations and learning styles
  • How to turn resistance into a creative force
  • Strategies for hosting meaningful and challenging conversations with a group

Key Skill Sets:

Facilitation skills – Effective Communication – Cultural Competency – Dealing with Resistance – Group Dynamics – Personal

What People Say

“Traditional approaches to education do not work anymore.  PYE’s approach empowers youth to express themselves and find their personal power as a fundamental part of their education.”
Bonita Birungi, Save the Children, Uganda

“The Creative Community Model is an integrative creative approach to learning. It uses all the art forms to bring the very best out of each young person… it provides a safe and confidence-building environment in which they cannot fail to shine! The experience has influenced my teaching practice profoundly. The techniques I learned have been highly praised by colleagues and by Ofsted.” Una Bryce, Art Co-ordinator, Moselle Special School Tottenham

“The training session helped to affirm my ideas about education and inspired me. I left with a feeling of hope and a rush of great enthusiasm, which was shared by all who took part.” Training participant, Bristol

“Taking the Art of Facilitation was one of the wisest choices I’ve made in my personal and professional life.” Patricia Cortes, Social Worker, AOF Alumni USA

“The Creative Community Model has transformed the community building efforts with youth in our programs.” Ashoka Youth Ventures


2 Responses to Art of Facilitation (AOF)

  • The Art of Facilitation is something I think every human being needs to be fully Human in their work situations. of course if practiced well ; Looking forward to be part of this come June.
    thanks to all those out there who have made this their duty to see that also youth workers in this part of the continent can experience this.

  • Hi Allen,

    lovely to hear from you. This training is now confirmed and registration is open. Please contact David Kafambe by email dkafambe@gmail.com or mobile +256772330938


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