We gratefully acknowledge the generous support from individuals and organizations that make this work possible.

Principal Supporters

Watson Family Foundation
Brooke Jordan
New Tudor Foundation
Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation
Ginny Jordan
Mark Cheng
Rick Paine & Lynnaea Lombard
Chelwood Capital

Strategic Supporters

Really Responsible
Kissmann Langford
Hogan Lovells
Business in the Community
Jeff Vander Clute

Individual Supporters

We would like to also thank our founding individual supporters, and acknowledge that there are many others who have supported us in our work.

Charles and Betsy MacGregor
Larry Ravitz & Marika Partridge
Carol Sanford
Ross Chapin & Deborah Koff-Chapin
Lynn Willeford
Stephen Silha
Chris & Victoria Jordan
Wayne Silby
Rupert Sheldrake
Peter Berry
Bruce Herbert
Newground Social Investment
Penny Cabot
Stillwaters Fund at Tides Foundation
Sally Goodwin
Larry Parks Daloz & Sharon Daloz Parks
Will Keepin & Cynthia Brix
Mark Deutschman
Robert Schwartz
Denise Goulimis
Gordon & Lily Starr
Harriet Crosby
Jeanne Strong
Jerry Millhon
Dawna & Nicholas Fowler
Sheila Mohn
Deepa Narayan
Eduardo Shwartz


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