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In 2012 we commissioned an independent evaluation of our work. The report found that 91% of the young people who attended one of our residential youth camps reported that they had experienced a boost in self-confidence.

The report also found that camps based on the Creative Community Model were effective in helping young people to feel safe and supported whilst motivating them to reach out and become active members of their community. One youth from Brazil said that the best thing about the camp was “the respect and understanding from everyone.”

The report also found that our trainings for youth-serving professionals are highly rated by the people who attend and meet real needs in a wide range of communities, leading to increased professional opportunities for trained practitioners.

Evaluation Reports

PYE Global Evaluation 2013

Power of Hope/Gear Up Evaluation 2009

Canada Evaluation 2009

US Evaluation 2010.

Stories Of Impact

PYE Global is a small organization, but we have a big impact around the world. We estimate that last year alone, somewhere in the region of 220,000 young people benefited from programs and camps based on our very own Creative Community Model. Here are a few examples of the stories that have unfolded.

1 Person Empowers Thousands

PYE’s creative facilitation training helped David Kafambe to work with young people around Uganda, giving them the skills and the tools they needed to make positive changes in their lives.

Creativity Changing Lives

Communities in Eastern Cape, South Africa
are helping their young people to feel valued
and engaged using PYE’s Creative Community Model.

Using Creativity with Young People in Rural Brazil

Agrifirma and Partners for Youth Empowerment
are working together to bring creativity into the
lives of a group of young people living in rural Brazil.

Youth Empowerment in India

The Dream a Dream organisation in Bangalore
used their PYE training to broaden the reach and
impact of their work.


What People Say

“There are signs everywhere that we need to do a better job of engaging future generations. PYE – Partners for Youth Empowerment is leading an international movement to activate the creative potential of young people from all sectors of society to build an inclusive, healthy world”. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“Camp still stands out as one of the most inspiring and influential things I’ve experienced in my life.” Taylor Hartrick, Co-founder, The Yachay Initiative – Canada Camp Participant 2003

“We all care so much about each other and the community where we live. It’s because of this camp I can see what is possible when we all share our creativity.” India Youth Participant – Age 15

“I now realize that I am someone of great value, and can make things happen.” Ugandan Youth Participant – Age 14

“The Creative Facilitation training took my shy away.” Youth Worker, Eastern Cape South Africa

“Being at the Creative Facilitation training will forever change the way I teach. Now I know how to engage my students” Teacher, Bangalore India

“The PYE training was highly effective in developing our young entrepreneurs’ leadership skills. As a result of the training this group has remained a cohesive, energized and engaged network that continues to thrive.” Andrew McMenamin, Head of Operations – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award International Association, London, UK

“PYE’s Creative Community Model has enabled us to train our staff, build sound principles of engagement, and create a scaleable, replicable model for life skills development for our organization.” Vishal Talreja, Co-Founder and CEO Dream A Dream (Ashoka Fellow), Dream A Dream, Bangalore, India

“The activities that you taught us have become a key component of the daily community-building efforts of our program.” US Youth Venture Staff, Ashoka – Washington D.C., USA

“I have attended many training programmes across the globe. This has been by far the best – not just in terms of learning alone but transforming the way I facilitate delivery of my own programs.”Shri Kant Gupta, Chair, Business Leadership Program, School of Inspired Leadership – New Delhi, India

Find out more by reading our Evaluation.

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