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Ugandan youth draw the inner circle of a mandala of the future. (See p. 169 of your chapter 10 pdf.)

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4 Responses to Sign up for PYE News, Get a Free Arts Guide

  • I have an interest in developing visual arts in a particular area of the community, young people could develop ideas/ competitions etc and work with experienced artists to bring them to fruition. In this way community will be enhanced with the youth contributing their talents to the environment in a very visual way.

  • That sounds great Helen. Where are you based?

  • Hi,
    My name is Ann Li, from Beijing, China. I am very interested in the PYE Arts guide and would like to sign up for it. But i have put all the information and couldn’t registrar successfully. Can you please sign me up for the PYE news? My email address is

    Appreciate your help! Thanks!
    Ann Li

  • Hi, Ann Li –
    You have been added to the newsletter. Please email if you do not receive one in February! We are starting to explore working in China, so let’s stay in touch!

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