Creative Community Youth Camps

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Imagine spending a week in a community where everyone is actively supporting you to be your most creative; where teens and adults are comfortable and supportive with each other; where barriers between religion, culture, and age don’t seem to exist, where the community itself generates its own entertainment in the form of music, dance, theater, and art.

This is the basic feel of PYE’s Creative Community youth camps. They are 5-7 days long and there are usually half as many adults as youth. The camp can have a general arts/empowerment theme or a more focused theme. Youth camps in Uganda have focused on building vocation skills, healing the environment, and living with HIV and AIDs. One camp in the US focuses on young women’s empowerment through writing.

PYE works with local community groups and NGOs to design and lead Creative Community Camps that fit their specific needs. Volunteering at a camp is a great way to experience the Creative Community Model in action and to increase your own skill in using the arts in your facilitation.

If you’re interested in bringing our youth camps to your area or attending a camp as part of your training then why not contact us to find out more.


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  • Hi there – I’m really interested in your work and have found your resources really useful in my work running creative workshops with young people experiencing mental health challenges. I’d be really interested to volunteer at a camp – however I’m in New Zealand! Do you have anything on the cards for Australasia or anywhere nearby? Otherwise I could look at making a mission to north or south america to participate (I speak good spanish and some portuguese so that could be an option…) Cheers, Monica

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