Awakening Creativity. Sparking Potential.

The research is in. Creativity is the key to reinvigorating education, the workplace, and communities. But how do we put creativity into action? PYE trains teachers, youth workers, managers and other leaders to do just that.

PYE’s mission is to unleash the power, purpose, and potential of young people worldwide. We do this by empowering teachers, youth workers, and other leaders to build supportive Creative Communities that change lives.

We train people around the world to deepen the impact of their youth programs, classrooms, workplaces and other group environments. At the heart of the trainings is our Creative Community Model, a framework of arts empowerment practices and leading-edge group facilitation tools.

We’ve already reached thousands of youth workers, educators, social service workers, and business people. In turn, they have gone on to provide transformative Creative Community experiences for more than a million young people and adults.

Trainings take place in our founding home in North America, as well as South Africa, Uganda, India, the UK, Brazil, Greece, and a growing number of locales around the world. The result is a flourishing international movement to provide transformative learning experiences for all young people.

We hope you’ll work with us toward our vision–a world in which all young people are seen, heard, and appreciated for the value they bring to their communities, giving them the confidence and inner motivation to pursue meaningful life paths as leaders and change-makers.

We are a registered charity in the US  (501-c-3 no. 90-0429162) and UK (Charity registration no. 1140994).



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