PYE Global Launches Confluence Trainer Gathering

“Amazing” Confluence 2016 Builds Skills, Deepens Relationships

In October the mountains above Barcelona, Spain, were the setting for PYE Global’s inaugural Confluence training summit. The 5-day event brought together 24 aspiring and current PYE trainers from France, Greece, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. Working with PYE Senior Trainers Nadia Chaney, Silvia Giovannoni and PYE Co-founder Peggy Taylor, the trainers gained tools and insights to take their work to the next level.


PYE UK Executive Director Gwyn Wansbrough, ELIX Executive Director Eleni Gazi, and PYE Co-founder Peggy Taylor reconnecting at Confluence 2016.

Confluence is an opportunity for PYE trainers and facilitators to receive advanced training in PYE’s Creative Community Model™. Attendees were overwhelmingly positive about the training, held at Fundació la Plana.

“I definitely have more confidence in my facilitation skills,” said Themis Gkion, a PYE trainer from Greece. “I appreciate gaining clarity and shining light into details and fine nuances of the art of facilitation that bring out the magic that can and will make such a difference when I lead trainings.”

“How amazing!” added Theo Booi of South Africa. “Thank you for creating such a beautiful and inclusive space. A golden container of light. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences so open and honestly. This time together with this community will always be a gift and treasure in my heart and life. To get the coaching from Peggy and have learning sessions was so valuable. Thank you for seeing the value within me, its great to find a community that really values this work like I do.”


Thandile Giyama (South Africa), Theo Booi (South Africa) and Kathy Ellwand (UK)

The Confluence name alludes to the convergence of different streams to create a stronger, unified whole. Confluence 2016 marked the first time PYE had brought together trainers from different countries with the goal of increasing the quality and consistency of PYE trainings internationally.

This group of facilitators also represented a broad cross-section of the contexts and populations that are benefitting from the Creative Community Model. The training included practitioners working with refugee children in Greece, running leadership programs for youth from Cape Town’s largest townships, delivering teacher training in the UK and working with youth in detention in the United States.

“This was a really great opportunity for us to see how our Creative Community Model is being used in so many different environments helping so many different kinds of youth,” said Carmen Forsman, PYE US Executive Director. “It was wonderful to see the diversity of our trainers.”

“We learned so much about how to support our trainers,” added Gwyn Wansbrough, PYE UK Executive Director. “We expect to make this an annual event so we can keep our pool of PYE trainers growing, trained up, and connected.”

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All courtesy Themis Gkion, Flow Athens.

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