Training in Action: Creativity Brings a Spanish Class Alive

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Teacher Sam Nelson brought language learning alive for students through creative performance.

Sam Nelson, Spanish teacher at THINK Global School, recently attended PYE’s Creative Facilitation Level 1 training in Athens with Ashoka Greece and Junior Achievement Greece. After just the first day, he put his learning into practice! Nelson based class work on PYE’s metaphor and pass-around-poem exercise, engaging his students in language through creative performance and collaboration.

Click here to see a video of the wonderful outcome.

Sam reports, “I gave each student a role, and they had to start the shared poem off with ‘I am….” The roles were the protagonists in the issue of bullfighting, so they were the bull (el toro), the bullfighter (el matador), the horse (el caballo), the fan (el aficionado) and the protester (el manifestante). All of the poems were powerful, but the horse won in the end. The title of this performance is ‘El mensajero de la muerte’, which means ‘The messenger of death’.”

THINK Global School challenges learners, through firsthand experiences of global travel, to become compassionate individuals who are curious and knowledgeable about the world and motivated to affect meaningful change.

Thank you for sharing, Sam!

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