On May 5th, Give Teens the Power of Hope

GB_LogoIn recognition of the special challenges and potential of teens, PYE is using GiveBIG—The Seattle Foundation’s online, 24-hour fundraising event for local non-profits—to fund Power of Hope camp scholarships. All donations to made via PYE’s GiveBIG page on May 5th will be increased by the Seattle Foundation’s stretch fund and directed toward camp fees for low-income teens.

Since 1996, the Power of Hope camp has strived to deliver transformational experiences for teenagers in the Pacific Northwest. During the eight-day overnight summer camp on Whidbey Island, arts-based experiential learning is a vehicle for self-discovery and awakening of creativity.


Power of Hope campers forge powerful bonds.

“The goal is to help campers build confidence and develop the crucial life skills that are not being taught in schools,” explained Charlie Murphy, co-founder of both PYE and Power of Hope. “Emotional and social intelligence are bigger predictors of success than IQ ever was.”

Power of Hope camp attendees come from all socio-economic groups, including foster children. PYE and Power of Hope co-founder Peggy Taylor added, “Many scholarships are needed this year. May 5th is our chance to boost funding and allow wonderful kids to discover their own power in a truly supportive environment.”

Taking place August 3-10, the Power of Hope camp ensures a 1:2 staff-to-camper ratio for high levels of supervision and opportunities for connection. The staff is designed to inspire, featuring artists, naturalists, self-care specialists, community activists and other adults working for positive change.

PYE Global collects feedback from campers every year, and one recent attendee spoke to the impact of her experience: “I never knew there were so many cool people out there–people who are just like me, who care about the same things I do, and who have gone through the same challenges. I can’t believe how much it has changed me. It is possible to make a difference in the world.”

Andrew Weil, M.D., renowned author and popular health expert, said of his daughter’s three consecutive years at Power of Hope camp, “It has been a joy for me to watch her enthusiasm grow for the experience and see the rewards it has brought her, both in personal growth and increased self-confidence and in wonderful connections and friendships it has given her.”

Murphy noted, “The camp is the highlight of the year for both campers and staff. We never want cost to prevent anyone from attending. “

Want to help teens give teens the Power of Hope? Visit PYE Global’s GiveBIG page on May 5th, beginning at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, and click to donate. Thank you!




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