PYE’s Mission for 2014

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 17.51.08During our annual PYE planning meeting this year we decided to take a few minutes to stop and think about our mission and about what drives us as a team and an organization.

To make it more interesting we worked together to create partners poems. Here’s how we did it:

Step 1: 4 minutes of free writing on the subject, no stopping to think or taking your pen off the page
Step 2: find 2 phrases or sentences that stand out to you. Extract them and cut out the words to make a jumble of words
Step 3: Give those words to your partner and vice versa
Step 4: Create a poem using ALL of your partners words

We were really inspired by the results. See what you think.

1. Awaken gem of hidden magic potential in youth,
enable access to life wonderment inside each of them.
Youth access choices to guide our lives,
each place, discoveries.

2. Bring together
collective our force
supported creative
a feel where we world
safe and seen.

3. We gather in a golden
palace where the spirit
of the ancestors can
reshape our dreams
to be a full free circle.

4. Fortify heart,
PYE’s social artists
spread depth
bringing me to a natural way
network and gather
how to aim
to form joy.

5. People, passions, possible!
Young people opening up.  Empower many.
Offering deeper emotional and social wellbeing around the world.


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