Brazilian Youth Speaks Out

c9zpA8csutbynD-RcgicHyDiFssKUvEMoKhshiKNgb7PkWs_4yMjIr5L4e4O3mcEVA=w934-h5534qw2vCsHjPasmbRC71cK-fz57RKvlDZ6KkK2kJMbUg039msMGOYQT5FmoPv4H2T0Lw=w934-h553GU8pex2fexbyrDAH-wpNGjLw78TvybeqnNKqne2UfOCqjjITNfWUSX7k2kEiCcCs_A=w934-h553 In September we ran our second youth camp on the beautiful grounds of an Agrifirma farm in Western Bahia, Brazil. On returning home Alesson Santos Oliveira wrote this about his experience:

What I learned at PYE

I learned to trust people
And thus, I can trust myself

I learned that emotion overcomes reason
I learned that feeling and movement work together
To create monuments

I learned that you don’t have to be poetic
It suffices to be profound I learned that the simple fact of asking forgiveness

Comforts the heart and creates a
Bond between two people

I learned that freedom
Overcomes evil

I learned to be myself and not
Accept judgement by others

I learned to cry
To support and be supported
To love and be loved
To listen and be listened to

I learned that even though we’re different
We’re all the same

I learned not to hide from the world
Because deep down, the world needs me
I learned to feel longing …

Thank you PYE!

Alesson Santos Oliveira

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  • I have completed both a BA in Child and Youth Care and a Masters in Social Work and both programs were beneficial and taught me quite a bit about the theoretical aspects in working with youth. However, my experience of completing Creative Facilitation I has opened my mind and heart and taught me practical ways of working with youth through an arts based approach. I will carry these experiences in my work with children and youth in the future and am excited to see the impact it has on them, as it has had a significant impact on me.

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