The Social Artists Guide to Twitter: Who Should you Follow?

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Setting up a Twitter account? There are some amazing and inspiring social artists on Twitter. Following them will allow you to engage in relevant conversations and discussions and keep you up to date with all the latest news and developments in the field.

Here are 20 of our favorite Twitter accounts for you to follow:

@pyeglobal (of course!)
We tweet all the latest articles, news and events from PYE and our partners as well as interesting things we find around the web. We use the hashtag #artforchange so add it to some of your tweets to connect with us and with a community of people who are using creativity for social change.

A huge proponent for the importance of creativity in education, Sir Ken Robinson shares really relevant information and articles as well as the latest news about his campaign

The UK’s Guardian newspaper education supplement is great for keeping up with the latest news on schools and education

Education news from the BBC

Tweets from the quarterly journal who are pushing for education reform

Our India partner organization tweet loads of great information and articles on the field of education and youth work

PYE partner and Seattle-based women’s project helping local young women to a brighter future

The Twitter account of our Canada partners sharing information about education and spreading the word about creativity and art for change

Tweets and quotes about the importance of the arts

Our UK partner keeps you informed about the latest trainings in Europe

The Ashoka action account that keeps you up to date with news on social innovation and entrepreneurship

Keep up to date with the issues affecting our world by watching the latest TED talks

Promoting all things good and positive online, this twitter account often features inspiring videos about community values

Podcasts and toolkits for anyone working with young people

Know a young person who is struggling with a particular subject? Introduce them to the Khan academy

Free or low price computer software for nonprofits

Providing information and support for youth workers

Tweeting about volunteer opportunities and not for profit jobs in North America

The Huffington post guide to what is happening in the arts world

Young US Americans actively fighting for racial equality through some really interesting digital campaigns


Enjoyed that? You might be interested in these articles:

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What is a social artist?
A social artist is someone who is part artist, part social-change agent, part facilitator and part visionary. The social artist draws on artistic practice, group dynamics and creative ideas to facilitate change.
Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 15.34.18What drives a social artist?
Watch this video interview with PYE’s Senior International Trainer, Nadia Chaney to hear her thoughts on social artistry, what it is and why it is so important in today’s communities.
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How do you start a social art organization?
To find out more about setting up your own organization we spoke to Ed Wade Martins, co-director of, an organization that uses creativity to raise awareness of today’s social and environmental issues.


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