Creative Energy Gathers Momentum Amid Youth Workers in Brazil

This March our continuing efforts to expand our network in Brazil gained new momentum, reaching a diverse spectrum of people and expanding our reach both geographically and with the numbers of youth who will benefit.

More than 40 people attended our workshops in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro -the first ever training to be held in this vibrant city. “We were encouraged to find so much energy around social transformation from people of all ages,” says Silvia Giovannoni, the Regional Coordinator for Brazil who led the trainings alongside PYE co-founder Charlie Murphy. Between them, the participants who attended the workshops are expected to reach and work with over 1,000 young people.

As an additional opportunity, we were also invited to deliver our first Corporate Training for more than 70 employees of the retail chain C&A. “Each member of staff brought along two staff from youth organisations in which they volunteer from across 16 different States of the country,” says Silvia. “To top it all off, Charlie Murphy delivered a keynote speech to 200 of the companies store managers which ended in a beautiful song! It was a fantastic day for everyone involved.”

“We sang together and played together,” says Cynthia Marchado who took part in the training. “We really got to know each other. Now, it feels like we are much happier and more relaxed around each other. I feel as if I have known everyone for years.”


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