What is CF2 Facilitator Training?

Earlier this month, PYE co-founder Charlie Murphy led a Creative Facilitation 2 (CF2) training in central London. This training leads-on from the CF1 training, which is run in the UK by our partner organization LIFEbeat and is known as Arts Practice training.

“One of the things I love most about the work that I get to do through PYE is being with the people who show up at the trainings,” says Charlie. “The training in London drew many people who are working directly with the LIFEbeat camps so it was great to catch up with them and learn more about their work. As always, I am so energized by their enthusiasm and dedication to their work with youth.”

This training was particularly special to Charlie, as it attracted plenty of old friends and colleagues that he had met in previous workshops and trainings around the world. “I was really excited to see new friends to this work that we met through the Seeds of Peace camp that we were involved in a few months ago. Ami joined us from Heartbeat: Jerusalem, an organization that brings together youth from regions of conflict and teaches them leadership and communication skills that they can use in their own communities. We also welcomed Marisol all the way from Brooklyn by way of Florence.”

The Creative Facilitation trainings are specifically designed to help group leaders and facilitators to gain confidence and new skills that will help them to improve the effectiveness of their work. “Working effectively with young people means being willing to work on ourselves. This willingness to dig deep and to stretch our personal boundaries was in clear evidence at this training.”

For Charlie, training youth workers and teachers is an essential part of the work that PYE does, allowing us to spread the Creative Community Model quickly and effectively, reaching thousands of young people each year. In 2013 we hope to increase the number of trainings that we offer around the world and to train as many facilitators as possible.

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