Using Theater and Drama in Social Art – Reading List

Whether you’ve been using theater and drama in your work for years, or you’re just getting started, you’re part of a much larger group of social artists. There are plenty of books out there to enrich your practices and give you new inspiration, but here are a few favourites recommended by our online community:

Interactive Acting, by Jeff Wirth

Improv Games Book II, by Lynda Belt

Theater of the Opressed, Augusto Boal

Games for Actors and Non-Actors, Augusto Boal

Enacting Participatory Development: Theatre-based Techniques, Julie McCarthy

 Improvisation for the Theatre, Viola Spolin

 Theatre Games for the Classroom, Viola Spolin

 Theatre Games for Young Performers, Maria C. Novelly

Theatre for Community, Conflict & Dialogue, Michael Rohd

Improvisation with Favorite Tales, Ruth Beall Heinig


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