PYE and Dream a Dream in India

It’s amazing how quickly the Creative Community Model is spreading around the world. The Model is now being actively used by youth organizations and educators on 5 continents, and one of the biggest areas of success is in India, where our partnership with youth empowerment organization Dream a Dream has already reached thousands of young people.

“We have been working in partnership with Dream a Dream (DAD) over the past 3 years to train up their lead facilitators in arts-based facilitation methods based on the Creative Community Model, and helping them to design an arts-empowerment curriculum”, says Gwyn Wansbrough, Managing Director of PYE, who visited the project earlier this month.

“DAD now has a lead facilitation team that are able to lead powerful youth programs based on PYE’s model and train others in arts-empowerment facilitation.  This training supports DAD’s strategy to scale their impact from 3000 to 240,000 youth in 5 years.  They tell us that PYE’s involvement has transformed DAD into an organization that is now more authentic, transparent and effective in the work they do to empower children and youth.”

For Dream a Dream, the skills they have learned have proved fruitful. “We have used these skills in a variety of situations,” says Vishal Talreja, Co-Founder and Executive Director. “Teachers at Excellent English School, A Dream A Dream partner are adapting ‘Goals and Agreements’ approach in their respective classroom after our Teacher Transformation Workshops. It has become a discussion in the teachers meeting and the Principal is eager to know more about this approach. The teachers find this approach helpful because the kids are more focused in the classroom.”

The exchange of skills and experience has also been incredibly helpful for PYE. “Working with DAD has shown us what is possible in working with partnerships,” says Gwyn. “We could never have imagined the ways in which this partnership would grow and evolve and the ways we have learned from each other in this process. We have both developed our thinking and practice about transformative youth work.”

At PYE, we often work with locally based your-serving organizations. We find that this helps us to tap into local knowledge about the problems that youth face, and it helps us to spread the model further and faster, using a train the trainer approach. “DAD put life skills on the map for youth serving organizations in Bangalore about 10 years ago,” says Gwyn. “They are now incorporating arts-based empowerment deeply into their model. They tell us that they can see the transformation in young people to being more confident, creative and engaged in their communities because of integrating the Creative Community Model.”

“We hope that the lasting impact will be to deeply shift youth work practice in India, that includes empathy, and a future generation of Indian youth who can build an inclusive and productive society for all”

If you would like to find out more about the Creative Community Model, working with youth, or how to become a partner organization, come and say hello to us on the PYE Facebook page.

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