The Creative Community Model Takes Root in Brazil

In 2012, PYE have paid several visits to Brazil, a country where 62% of the population are under 29 years old and where 54 million people live below the poverty line. We have been working in Brazil for just over a year now, identifying talented social artists and leading youth organizations who we can work with to spread the Creative Community Model and reach young people throughout the country.

In September, PYE co-founder Charlie Murphy and lead facilitator Silvia Giovannoni visited Brazil to continue spreading our work in the region.  “We have previously identified a group of lead facilitators in the region who we are training up at the moment,” says Silvia. “Every time we visit we do more work with them. They are committed to learning and to using the Creative Community Model to address issues in the region.”

“They have become close as a group and are already collaborating on some fantastic group projects. They are working on an environmental project in Northern Brazil at the moment. The next step is to get them emerged in a full youth camp experience. We really hope to be able to do that soon. After that, they will be our main contacts on the ground in Brazil and they will be able to start training others and spreading this work to educators and youth workers around the country. By working this way, we hope to spread the Creative Community Model a lot faster than we could by trying to do all the trainings ourselves.”

Training lead facilitators is a careful process involving plenty of hands on, practical experience. “It’s really important to us that they understand the core pieces of this work really well,” says Silvia. “During this trip we did a lot of work around how to identify and then deliver your goals and objectives for each training or course that you run. This was a look at the nuances of facilitating the Creative Community Model – positioning yourself as the facilitator while still really being able to open the space and invite others to be part of the workshop.”

“By early next summer we hope that this group of facilitators will be running youth camps as well as Creative Facilitation trainings with minimal support.”

But the meeting with our lead facilitators in the region wasn’t the only reason for the visit to Brazil. Charlie and Silvia also ran two Creative Facilitation 1 trainings followed by a Creative Facilitation 2. “We met a lot of fantastic people during those trainings. It was really inspirational. I particularly enjoyed the CF2 as we were able to catch up with some of the people who have attended our trainings earlier this year and hear how they have been applying the tools they learnt. Everyone was really positive about the impact it had had on their work and on the young people they work with. The educators were particularly eager to learn more and to progress.

“One of the ladies on the course was a psychotherapist and therapist and she used her skills with a group of terminally ill patients that she was working with. She told us that she had managed to get a few real breakthroughs with people she had been unable to reach before. Since that experience she has become a huge ambassador for us. It was great to reconnect with her.”

PYE are planning to return to Brazil early next year to continue expanding our network. In 2013 we hope that we will run our first full youth camps in the country, reaching out to young people and offering them empowering experiences that will help them unleash their creativity and improve their future prospects.

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