Young Women in Seattle Cook Up a Storm

“I’ve never witnessed anything like this. It’s just so much fun!”

In Seattle, PYE’s Young Women Empowered (Y-WE) project empowers young women leaders through collaboration and creative programs that bring them into contact with adult mentors and other young women. Y-WE helps young women to grow the confidence, resiliency and future planning skills that they need to achieve their goals and improve their future prospects.

Last month, the 40 young women in the program, many born in countries other than the US, came together to produce an international dinner for 300 guests. Creating delicious dishes from their home countries and cultures, the girls were able to produce a beautiful meal from the confines of a humble church basement.

The girls were mentored by Dana Smith, a specialist from the hospitality industry who taught them some basic skills and helped them to put together the enormous meal. “I’ve never witnessed anything like this. It’s just so much fun,” said Dana.

During the evening the girls also put on a powerful and moving show in which they showed off their diverse range of talents, from poetry and African dance to step and song.

“The young women were so poised on stage,” says program director Jamie-Rose Edwards. “No one would ever know how scared they were ahead of time. They’ve told me that they are not scared now, in fact, they are all looking forward to their next opportunity to speak in front of a large group.”

During the clean up, the girls kept breaking out into jubilant song and dance. This process of learn by doing, interlaced with creativity is a beautiful example of  the Creative Community Model in action.

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