Creative Community Model in Brazil – Good Beginnings Pay Off!

It was nearly a year ago to the day since the first Partners for Youth Empowerment excursion to Brazil. At the time I wrote a blog about the sense of excitement, expectation and promise I felt going back to my home country to spread PYE’s Creative Community Model. Last year I saw Brazil as new, fertile ground for PYE. I remember coming away from that trip feeling that we had prepared the ground for amazing things to come.

I had different emotions before we set off this time. The sense of excitement was still there but I was also aware that we were going back to a garden where we had prepared the soil and checking to see if any of the seeds had taken root.

With these thoughts in mind Charlie Murphy and I made our way to Brazil for three weeks of non-stop work. We had two aims: to deliver two public Creative Facilitation Workshops and to reconnect with people we had met last year to create a core group of 10 individuals who could become Lead Facilitators to run workshops and spread the Creative Community Model in Brazil.

We had 40 attendees for the Creative Facilitation Workshops. This included people from very mixed backgrounds and professions from front-line youth organization workers to young social entrepreneurs, business people, psychiatrists and artists. Working with new people is an essential part of what we do and is always very exciting. I love seeing the impact of the Creative Community Model and planting seeds that we hope will blossom in the future.

So, how did Charlie and I fare in growing this tropical garden and spreading the Creative Community Model?

Pretty well, I’d say. Here’s why:

  • The Lead Facilitator training was a rich and creative experience. We have a group of 10 fantastic individuals who are already meeting regularly to sketch out the next opportunities for applying what they’ve learned. This means that we hope to see a second wave of work being done to spread the Creative Community Model in Brazil as the people we’ve trained begin to train others.
  • We added a brilliant new repertoire of activities and songs to our bag of resources. Look out for new songs from indigenous Brazilian tribes coming to our next Creative Facilitation 1 trainings!
  • Juliana, our Brazil Community Mobilizer is working hard to get three camps off the ground this year, in addition to several public and corporate trainings. She is strengthened by the community of Lead Facilitators who are working with her to source new opportunities.
  • We have a full calendar ahead of us in Brazil and by the end of the year we will have finished training our Lead Facilitators to unleash the full power of the Creative Community Model in São Paulo and beyond!
  • Last but not least, we made countless new friends who we would like to thank for sharing their creative energy with PYE and adding so much to this work. We have a feeling that these new blossoms will grow into a dense and creative Brazilian jungle in no time!

– by Silvia Giovannoni

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